Secure Payment Policy

We exclusively use the Amazon Payment Security Gateway to ensure your online security and deliverability of products. Please continue with your purchase and feel free to browse other items inside Amazon while completing your order.

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Online fraud is scary, but knowing who to trust can help your buying experience much easier.

Due to the increase in awareness of online fraud, we have taken very bold measures to protect all of your personal information.

We did this by deciding not to directly accept your payments! It's just too much of a risk for a little website, and we want to make sure our customers have the best online experience possible.

Orders for our online shop are processed by Amazon, the worlds largest and most popular e-commerce website. We use Amazon so you can be 100% confident in using our store as entering your details is guaranteed to be safe. Since launching in 1998, Amazon has not had a single fraudulent incident resulting from credit card transactions processed through their site. For extra assurance, please note that will not collect your personal or credit card information. All transations will be carried out completely by

You can be sure that your order is backed by a highly experienced customer support team and will be covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. We feel confident that your shopping experience with in association with will be trouble free and completely secure.

If you haven't created an account with Amazon, they will prompt you to set one up when you are ready to check out. It's fast, easy, and most of all, it keeps your personal and credit card information secure.

After your purchase is completed, you will recieve communication directly from Amazon regarding your order.


Returns, Refunds, and Customer Service

Because all products selected on our site are shipped and handled by Amazon, you will need to contact them for assistance if any problems arise with your order. Fortunatley, they have World-Class customer service and if you have any problems at all with your order, do not hesitate to contact them directly.