Best For Your Kitchen: Bowl Lift vs Tilting Head Stand Mixers

little-girl-bakingAre you a bread baker or a cake maker? Does the sight of a batter and sound of a mixer get your creative energy flowing? If your old mixer is on its last leg, or you just want a new one, consider that choosing a stand mixer perfectly suited to your baking style will not only simplify your life, but it will take your cooking to the next level, too.

While there are some very good reasons to choose one style over another, sometimes it just comes down to personal preference and space. Both have their places, and it really depends on what you will do with the mixer, and how much room you have.

Tilt head mixers require you to tilt or lift the hinged head of the mixer back to access the bowl, while the bowl lift mixer uses a lever that smoothly raises the bowl up to meet the mixing attachment.

To help you decide which type is right for your needs, here is a comparison of tilt head versus bowl lift style mixers.

Tilt Head Mixers

An Artisan Mixer tilted back for bowl scrapingRequiring less counter space, tilt head mixers are short enough to fit underneath cabinets when sitting on your counter top. Tilt head mixers are designed for basic batters, like cakes, cookies, and other thinner mixes, though some are designed to handle the odd batch of bread dough, as well.

The motor wattage is generally lower for tilt head mixers than for bowl lift models, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are any less powerful.

KitchenAid and Cuisinart are the best known brands in the mixer category. KitchenAid stand mixers are especially popular because they have a universal port on the mixer head which is used to attach several different accessories. The company sells an array of attachments which will fit any model sold after 1990, and sometimes will fit earlier models, too. Both Cuisinart stand mixer models, the 5.5 quart and the 7 quart mixers, have tilting heads and prove that tilting head mixers don’t always have to be small. They also have a list of available attachments, but that list is a little shorter.

Tilt head mixers will require more space for the tilting the head back, but it’s also easier to attach the paddle, whisk, or dough hook. Conversely, it’s harder to put ingredients in while the machine is running.

Overall, tilting head stand mixers are best suited to people who like to bake for a small family semi-regularly. It’s also a good option if you have a small kitchen with little counter top room to spare.

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Bowl Lift Mixers

stand_mixers-bowl_liftBowl lift mixers are sturdier, often have a larger bowl capacities, and are built to handle heavy ingredients and multiple batches. They have a bigger base, a stronger motor, are taller and heavier than tilt head models, and won’t walk across the counter top when mixing dense dough.

Their design also makes it easy to add ingredients without stopping the machine. Bowls of hot or cold water can also be placed underneath the mixer bowl when tempering ingredients. Preferred by people who make a lot of bread and by professionals, the bowl lift design was originally used mainly in commercial kitchens.  The KitchenAid Pro 600 mixers are currently their most popular line of bowl-lift mixers.

Another advantage with this design is that the mixer can fit underneath a cabinet and it does not have to be moved forward to use – that is, if it will fit under there in the first place. The large capacity gives you the ability to double or triple recipes, and these mixers can easily handle the toughest mixing jobs.

Often, the two big questions for those wanting a bowl-lift mixer are based on whether the capacity is actually needed, and whether there is enough space for it when the mixer isn’t in use. Many daily bread makers and kitchen professionals swear by this style of mixer for their home.

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Which Style of Stand Mixer is Best for My Kitchen?

Each style of mixer has its advantages. Whether baking is your pleasure, hobby, or an everyday necessity, you know that owning the right tools will ensure your success.

Interested in a Bowl Lift style mixer? Check out our KitchenAid Professional 600 category to see what amazing colours we currently have in stock. Don’t forget to check back for special sale prices, too!

If a tilting head style mixer is the way you want to go, you still have more choices ahead of you. Check out our Cuisinart 5.5 Quart mixers, or the ever-popular KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers. Both are solid choices we happily recommend.